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Margaret & Jim at Speed Patois

This is the place to share your Guernsey language events.  Please let us know if you would like to add a language event, or be added to our mailing list:

01481 226518


This list was last updated on 11 March 2023:

Spring 2023 update:  Guernsey Language events coming up






Friday 17 March




Beau Sejour

Sark School perform in Sercquais

Hear the native language of Sark.  This will be the third time that the school have demonstrated their heritage language skills.


Joy Liggett, the Executive Officer for Guernesiais is "delighted that Sark School show such ongoing commitment to learning Sercquais and we know that the whole school are very excited about coming to Guernsey for the day".


Thursday 23 March


Priaulx Library

The Guernesiais Translations of Thomas Martin - A Talk by Prof. Mari Jones


In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Thomas Martin translated all of Shakespeare's plays, the Bible and many plays by famous French playwrights, including Molière and Voltaire, into Guernesiais. Although not an established writer, his work represents the largest collection of prose in Guernesiais from one pen.


Prof Mari C. Jones of Cambridge University has studied his translations in detail - in her book "The Guernsey Norman French Translations of Thomas Martin" - and this month, Thomas Martin's translation of Romeo & Juliette is being published by Blue Ormer.


Come and hear Mari talk about Thomas Martin's extraordinary achievements.  Tickets are £5 and can be purchased here.  Proceeds go to Priaulx Library funds.


Saturday 25 March



From 13.00

Beau Sejour

Performances in Guernesiais by children and adults

The committee are pleased to welcome Jurat David Robilliard as the adjudicator. The audience will be given a synopsis in English, prior to all the classes, which helps in understanding the performances in Guernsey Norman-French.                       

Joy Liggett, the Executive Officer for Guernesiais, explains "The afternoon is an opportunity to showcase our unique language, and we serve home made gâche during the interval!" She also adds "We are so grateful to Guernsey Language Commission who support us wholeheartedly and make recordings of the set pieces so that non-fluent competitors can use them to study pronunciation".

On now. Closing date is 30th April.



The Pocket Island Poetry Open 

This is a poetry competition organised by Guernsey Arts and the Island Games Committee as part of the Islands Games this year.  Native languages are particularly encouraged and it would be fantastic to see entries in (or featuring) Guernesiais. Visit the website for more information:

Every Wednesday between 11:30 and 12 and again on Saturday mornings at 6:55am.


BBC Guernsey

News in Guernesiais with Cynthia

Tune into BBC Guernsey live, or listen again on BBC Sounds.  This is also a good opportunity to hear about events coming up with the L'Assembllaïe d'Guernésiais.


Every Thursday


St Peter's Church

St Peters Church Café

This friendly pop-up café is regularly attended by people who like to chat in Guernesiais. There is tea, coffee and other hot drinks along with a range of cakes and always a friendly chat.

As well as the Guernesiais table, there are also other special interests on offer including cryptic crosswords, knitting and crafts for primary aged children. 


All details are subject to change.