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La Ribotrie

Dancing at a Ribotrie gathering

What is La Ribotrie? ('ree-bot-tree')

La Ribotrie is intended to be a reawakening and celebration of our Norman heritage through Guernsey language, song, music and dance, akin to what our Norman cousins do or the Celtic Ceilidh, Breton Fest-Noz, French Bal-Folk or Cornish Nos Lowen.  The name comes from a GuernĂ©siais expression which describes a 'churning up' or, in this context, also a 'lively party'.  (A 'ribotresse' was the woman who churned the butter).  This name was chosen by us to describe what is a 'reawakening' or rediscovery of the traditional dance and song of Guernsey.  

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