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Atouor (About)

The new Guernsey Language Commission was set up to help save Guernsey's own language, Guernésiais, by raising awareness of the language and assisting the existing groups and individuals that already do so much to celebrate and teach the language.

The States Strategic Plan, reaffirmed by the States of Guernsey early in 2013, requires that "the government of Guernsey aims to protect and improve the island's environment, unique cultural identity and rich heritage." The Plan also recognises that this requires "improved awareness of the culture and identity of Guernsey".  The Commission believes that preserving and promoting Guernsey's language is an integral part of this priority.

The Commission will seek to foster "positive attributes of our island that we inherit from previous generations, maintain, enhance and enjoy in the present and bestow for the benefit of future generations." Following on from the successful introduction of the Guernsey Sports Commission and the Guernsey Arts Commission, the Guernsey Language Commission to fulfill this past, present and future criteria for our language which it deems to be a very "positive attribute".

The intention to form the Guernsey Language Commission was made public at a presentation in early February 2013 at Beau Sejour. The official launch, including this website, took place on 9 May 2013, the island's national day, Liberation Day.

The Guernsey Language Commission will be funded by a grant from the States of Guernsey but will also be seeking support from the private sector and local individuals.

The Guernsey Language Commission's slogan is "speaking up for our language".

Update (as of July 2018):  The Language Commission's Business Plan is undergoing review.  If you have any enquiries please contact Jo on 747264 or