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Articles about Guernésiais


Research into our language has been going on for over a century, and continues today. This page contains resources for those interested in reading more about Guernsey's language, and wider articles about language strategy and the saving of endangered languages. Content ranges from entertaining articles written for the general reader to peer-reviewed academic papers. Intellectual copyright in all cases belongs to the original authors, whose work may be quoted, cited or criticised in accordance with normal publishing conventions.

The Guernsey Language Commission does not necessarily support or endorse any views or opinions expressed in the items and is not responsible for the accuracy of factual content. Items are listed in reverse order of publication, newest first. There is also a list of links to other articles or sites on the internet relevant to our language, however The Guernsey Language Commission is not responsible for any external content.


By downloading the document below, you will find a bibliography of books and papers relating to the Language. This is being added to all the time - if you are aware of existing publications which should be included in the Bibliography, please let us know, citing the Harvard-style bibliographic reference.

Submitting Content

We are interested in receiving additional content for this site, either as complete articles or as links to pieces already published on the internet. Contributors are urged to have their pieces edited by a third party to ensure quality, and to have them peer-reviewed if the intention is to have them cited as academic work. 'Peer Review' is to have the work read critically by at least one other person who is knowledgeable on the subject, who can request changes or clarifications to ensure that facts and statements are valid. If a paper has already been published in another medium it might be necessary to obtain permission of the original publisher before it is reproduced here. Submissions will not be accepted if they contain material which may be indecent, defamatory or breach copyright.

The Guernsey Language Commission reserves the right to reject submissions or to require changes before accepting a submission. Please submit works to be published in their entirety as MS Word documents by email, otherwise as links to other sites.